OK Divers Team

Rudo Hvizdos

After being a scout leader for nearly ten years and qualified teacher, Rudo has the ability to be able to look after anyone. Sharing the same obvious passion for diving as the rest of the team Rudo has combined this with his love of photography and when he gets the chance can be found sitting in one spot of a dive site trying to get that “perfect” shot.

Elena Korcsogova

Elena is the glue that keeps the OK Divers team together and her smile that never seems to leave her face makes anyone forget any problems they may have. Not only does she love diving and helping out in the dive centre, Elena also manages our restaurant and bar and is quite often running around helping out the staff. With her kind and friendly nature she makes anyone she meets feel like old friends.

Radka Malec

Originally a nurse Radka has never lost her caring instinct and is always the first to help solve anyone’s problems. With more than ten years of living in Bali she is a wealth of knowledge on local diving and lifestyle and is always more than happy to share it with anyone. Having operated a business here for that amount time is only testament that she must be doing something right.

Chris Bush
Diving Instructor

Chris is the dive operation manager and has taken to it like the proverbial ‘fish in water’. Born in New Zealand he has bought his ‘Kiwi’ charm with him and manages to put a smile on everyone’s face. Chris with his large personality actually has a love for the tiniest and craziest things underwater and somehow is able to find critters you nearly need a microscope to see and an extensive internet search to find out what you have just been looking at on the dive.

Vitek Andrle
Diving Instructor

Our charming instructor Vitek is the latest and youngest addition to our team of diving instructors. He started at OK Divers as a Dive Master trainee an after completing his IDC certification decided he could not live without us. What he may lack in age, he makes up in professional and calm approach to all students and guests. As an instructor, Vitek is dedicated, responsible and while diving he always makes sure everyone is safe and having fun.

Laci Jamnicky
Diving Instructor

Our latest Slovak to join the team is Laci. Before completing his instructor certification just over the Strait on the tropical Gilli Islands, Laci worked in Mexico as a Dive Master honing his diving and Spanish skills . The underwater world mesmerizes him and like the rest of our team, he has a genuine love for scuba diving, guiding and sharing his diving knowledge with our guests. Laci is a man of many talents – other than Slovak and Spanish he also speaks English, Japanese and French! He also plays acoustic guitar, accordion and if you come to OK Divers for dinner, you may be lucky enough to hear one of his little piano concerts.

Regig (Komang)
Assistant Instructor

Regig is one of our amazing dive guides. An Assistant Instructor, he is the “eyes” in our team, as he always manages to find things that most would just swim over. With more than 20 years of diving in the area, Regig is the man to ask where all the special critters are hiding. Some also believe that by spending so much time underwater, he must have grown gills, because his air gauge never seems to go down. Regig has obviously learnt a great deal about the ocean and takes diving safety seriously with his beautiful motto: “The Ocean doesn’t care how many dives you have, so we dive to her abilities, not ours”.