10 things to do in Padangbai, Bali

As a first-time traveler to Bali, the chances are that you have never heard of Padangbai. However, this quiet, coastal town located in the east of the island has actually a lot to offer. If you wish to skip the busy touristy spots, you should head to Padangbai instead and here’s why:

1. Bali’s most famous diving locations

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Solar powered nudibranch

Everyone is familiar with the fact that plants have the power to turn the sunrays into the energy while animals need to munch on food instead. But did you know that there are certain marine animals running on solar energy before it was cool? Last time we already talked about the nudibranch Shaun the sheep, but there are also other interesting nudis worth mentioning.

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Kastala Trekking

Bali is known for its numerous stunning nature sceneries, especially the typical terrace rice fields. Howevever, many of them tend to be quite crowded and touristy. If you a nature lover looking for something rather off the grid, we have some good news for you!

Kastala Trekking is a trek in the East part of Bali island, not far from Padangbai known for its diving sites. The journey takes between 2-3 hours and will leave you amazed by the stunnig rainforest, spectacular rice field with farmers busy taking care of their harvest, as well as one of the most unique traditional willages in Bali.

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Underwater Shaun The Sheep

Did you know that in tropical waters around Bali you can find an underwater beauty which got their nickname after a popular child character the “Shaun The Sheep”?

This adorable nickname originates from their appearance characterized by black rounded eyes, sheep-like face and cute feelers. So-called "Leaf Sheep", also known under the scientific name Costasiella kuroshimae, is species of sacoglossan sea slug - nudibranch. This ocean inhabitant is rather small, growing only up to 5mm. You can find it munching on algae, leaves or seagrass on shallow parts of the reef.

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Kawah Ijen - breathtaking volcano in Indonesia

Indonesia, being geometrically situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire, is famously known for its landscape dominated by volcanoes. If you ever dreamt of hiking one, there is exactly 146 to choose from, however, there is one particular which is completely rare and unique amongst all of them.

Located in the Banyuwangi residency in the east of Java island, Kawah Ijen is an active volcano elevated 2799 meters above the sea level, with the crater placed 200 meters deep. So what is so extraordinary about it? It has not only one, but two of a natural phenomenon which are quite unique – the largest acidic lake in the world, and the electric blue fire.

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The Emperor Shrimp – what you don’t know

While diving in Padangbai, Bali is said to bring the most exciting and satisfying experience to divers, the charms and exciting surprises of the Bali marine world is second to none in the whole indo-pacific region.

Are you a lover of the marine world? Are you considering going macro diving on your next vacation? If so, then diving in Bali should be an experience you shouldn’t miss. Today, we will be focusing on an incredibly charming member of the marine world that can be mostly found on either massive sea stars or sea cucumbers and on few occasions, can be also found on slugs all around the Padangbai and Bali aquatic region, THE EMPEROR SHIRMP.

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Lila’s Bali Diary Part 9 – Why to dive in Bali (especially in Padangbai)?

You may remember how difficult it was for me to learn how to dive (if not, you can read more about my Open Water Diver course in 2nd, 3rd and 4th part of my blog from Bali – trust me, after reading this your self-confidence grow much bigger/it’s a light reading for an instant ego boost. I was hopeless (my nick name was DD as Diving Disaster). I thought that scuba diving is not for me, because my hobby to panic might be stronger than my urge to see that amazing underwater world.

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