OK Divers specials Wreck Explorer

Escape Life For A Little While.

If you love wrecks for their exciting history, mysterious atmosphere or you are amazed how easily they turn into colorful reefs, this is the right choice for you! In two days, we will explore all the wrecks that one can find in Bali – the famous USS Liberty in Tulamben, a newly-sunken wreck in Kubu, and the Japanese wreck in Amed.

Bali Wreck Diving

Day 1: Tulamben

We will start the diving adventures with a true highlight and one of the most easily accessible wrecks in Asia – the famous USS Liberty. You will see the impressive power of nature – making it look like an artificial coral garden rather than a ship. Black sand at the bottom also creates a very unusual atmosphere. Because it is large and full of life, you will need at least two dives to explore it.

This US Army cargo ship sank after it was torpedoed in 1942 by a Japanese submarine and beached in the village of Tulamben till 1963 when the lava from volcano eruption pushed it under water. It can be found at around 3 to 30 meters and is beautifully overgrown with macro. On your dive, you will see a great variety of soft and hard corals which serve as a shelter for all tropical fish one can imagine. One of the nicest things about this dive is that the fish are very tame, minding their own business as they are playfully swimming close to you. If you are lucky, some bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, barracuda, schools of sweetlips, batfish, unicornfish, big- eye jacks and sometimes even sharks can pass by.

Day 2: Kubu and Amed

Your second day of diving will be full of contrasts - you can compare the old Liberty wreck from the previous day with the new wreck in Kubu and see how much a wreck can change over the years. We will start the day at the Kubu wreck. It’s the newest one in Bali sunken only in 2012 and located between 16 to 39 meters, this Dutch cargo ship has interesting spots such as a helm and artificially placed buddha statues, empty tanks, or even a Volkswagen car.

The second dive will be at the Japanese wreck in Lipah Bay. This wreck from the Second World War is way smaller in size than the previously mentioned wrecks, allowing you to fully explore it in dozens of minutes. The best part is dazzling coral reef right next to it, full of sponges, gorgonian sea fans and macro such as pygmy seahorses or nudibranchs. Parrotfish and angelfish are also frequent visitors.

This package includes:

  • 2 days of diving, 2 guided morning dives each day
  • Nitrox for certified divers
  • Scuba equipment
  • Refreshments on the boat between the dives (tea, fruit, cookies)
  • Lunch at our restaurant after the dives (set menu: main course and water)
  • Transport from OK Divers to the dive sites
  • Dive center facilities – showers, toilets, pool


Price: 4 400 000 IDR/ person (Book for 2 or more and get 10% discount)

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