Diving Bali Kubu Cuttlefish
Duration: 9am - 3.30pm
Dives: 2

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Diving in Bali on Newest Ship Wreck

Kubu village started as a salt panning and fishing settlement long time ago. But because times they are changing now it makes it’s living mainly from tourism, diving turism precisely. When arriving to Kubu from Padangbai you still can notice on the left side of the road woodpiles which are used for traditional salt extraction. Vilage is situated in north east Bali only one hour from OK Divers in Padangbai. All the divesites start straight from beach entry with great coral gardens form from stag-horn and other type of hard and soft coral which serves as home for nice schools of fish. We think that this dive spot has same like Blue Lagoon in Padangbai one of the prettiest snorkelling in Bali.

The dive sites starts already in a shallow area of 3 to 8 m with wonderful coral garden. In deeper parts divers will be able to explore beautiful reef full of interesting hard and soft coral formations. Marine life around here is rich and very diverse. On regular dive you should be able to see barracudas, turtles, sharks, bumphead Parrotfish and the rest of reef fish common to Bali fauna. If you let yours selfs to be carried with a common moderate current it will take you to the sharp drop off's edge with depth of 30 m. It is beautifully overgrown with all kinds of soft corals and any possible species of reef fish can be found there. White and black tip reef sharks swims pass occasionally checking out their feeding ground too.

Kubu willage has as swell nice new ship wreck called Kubu Ship Wreck. The ship was made by sinking a weather patrol ship. Wreck has 150 tons of weight and 55 meters length and is located at the depth approximately 13 – 30 meters. Ship was sunk just few years ago and coral is already starting to grow all over its metal construction.

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