Diving in Bali - Gili Selang

Make Bubbles Don’t Make Troubles

Gili Selang is a small islet lying just off the eastern most point of island Bali only 45 minutes boat ride from Padangbai. The protected areas in the shallows between the mainland and Gili Selang host large colonies of leather corals and brain corals. Directly to the north of the island lies the most protected section of the site.

Diving in Bali with Big Schools of Fish

As you work your way down the black sand reef slope you'll find big black coral bushes and gorgonian fans, hosting pygmy seahorse. However, it's the proximity to deep water channels that makes this Bali scuba diving site popular with adventurous divers.

The cobbly east side of the island plunges sharply beyond recreational diving limits, and the swift currents which Bali is so famous for attract giant trevally, grey reef sharks and deep water pelagics such as hammerhead sharks. Schools of jacks rotate in perfect gyres during daylight. They form their schools for protection from barracudas. Then at night they seperate to hunt smaller fish.'Current-swept' can be an understatement here and down currents can be treacherous. You may need to make the most of any protection offered by small pockets to the south of the islet, to make for shallower waters.

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Duration: 9am - 1.30pm
Dives: 2

Diving in Bali - Gili Selang Diving in Bali - Gili Selang Diving in Bali - Gili Selang Diving in Bali - Gili Selang